I Heart WY Vision

“Let the Church awake from her slumbers and go forth in her strength to the salvation of these wandering sons of our native forests.”

That call to action from a Christian publication in 1833 set into motion the missionary efforts that led to the start of God’s Local Church in the great state of Wyoming. Today, it is that same call to action that is fueling the I Heart Wyoming Initiative.

In 1890, out of the roughly 65,000 residents in Wyoming at the time, 13,000 of them claimed a church as their home. This meant that 80% of Wyoming’s citizens in 1890 were considered “unchurched”. Currently, out of the 584,000 people in Wyoming, 340,000 claim “none” as their religious preference. If you include people who claim religions that do not teach salvation by grace alone through faith alone, there are 466,000 “unchurched” people in our state. That’s 80% of our population.

This means since 1890, we have not made one percentage point difference in the numbers of unchurched people in our state. Not ONE! Why is that? We don’t know! But there is a call to arms happening again in our midst. A call for the Church to awake from her slumbers and go forth in her strength to the salvation of these wandering sons and daughters in our state and this is where I Heart Wyoming comes in.

I Heart Wyoming is the collective effort of God’s Church, led by Element Church in Cheyenne, to come together to elevate, expand and reinforce the credibility of “the Local Church” in all 23 counties. With over 400,000 people disconnected from the message and ministry of Jesus in our state, we will lead the charge to unleash a movement of God’s people, armed with compassion, infusing life into our neighborhoods by the only One who gives it, Jesus.

As the leader of I Heart Wyoming, and because this is bigger than any one church, Element Church is seeking to partner with existing churches and leaders around our state; investing in their unique ministry context (both financially and relationally), helping to provide multiple pathways for all people to be filled with life in Christ. We firmly believe that Wyoming does not exist for the Church, the Church exists for Wyoming.

Financial grants to help fund outreach initiatives in your local church are being made available from Element Church so you can tangibly serve your community with the life and love of Jesus. If this call to action resonates with you, and if you are interested in more information on being a partner church through I Heart Wyoming, you may request funds for your event, or get more information about I Heart Wyoming by filling out the form below.

If you’d like to talk with a representative of I Heart Wyoming or have further questions please call 307-635-1316, email us by clicking HERE.