Every event is unique to the pulse of your community and the people YOU are wanting to reach, but we at Element Church, can show you some of the events we have done and seen success with to help guide and inspire you to your own in YOUR community!

Back 2 School Bash

Touching lives outside the four walls of the church through a BIG giveaway. Sit down with your local community leaders and ask them what the biggest needs are in the community. Plan out how you can IMPACT this and make it happen. For us it was reaching the lives of our local families who are less fortunate and need assistance with school supplies and shoes. Large volunteer base needed. Every year we seem to reach more and more people. This event fulfills a heartfelt need of the people we are trying to reach.

Gas Buy Down

Buying down the cost of gas at a locally owned gas station by $1 per gallon for 4 hours. Relatively cheap event and really gets the local community fired up. We give away gift cards and wash windows as well. Large volunteer base needed. This event is really an event we do to just pull something off that is quick and fun for the locals. There really isn’t as much IMPACT, but still some.

Single Dad Outreach

Purchased clothes and toys that single dads could come in purchase for a nickel on the dollar. They were still able to give something for these gifts, but took the major cost away from them. We wrapped all the gifts and gave them to the fathers before they left. They were able to give their children a great Xmas. 20-30 volunteers needed.This even fulfills a heartfelt need of the men we were trying to reach.

Other Ideas Include….

Bless Your Server

Give away large tips to servers across your local community in one weeks time frame. Tell them that you are a church and just want to be generous, because God is generous. The reactions are amazing and this is a very cheap event that touches the lives of many. Few volunteers needed. This is an event that has little to no heartfelt need of the people we are trying to reach, it’s truly just because.

Stop & Drop

Taking a certain amount of money to a locally owned business (coffee shop, hospital cafeteria, bread co., pizza joint, etc.) leaving the money with management and stating that your church would like to purchase the next _____$ until it runs out. Very simple project with little to no volunteer involvement. This is strictly an event that is for fun with no heartfelt needs fulfilled and a great way to market your church. This could be an annual event.

Painting Projects

Contact your local city parks & recreation department and see if there is a need to help paint any type of projects in your local community. The city will more than likely purchase the paint and supplies needed to accomplish this event. This is a high volume volunteer need. This is a great way to IMPACT your city and further relationships and partnerships for years to come.

Block Party Cleanup

Choose an area that has a demographic that is impoverished in some capacity and see how you could serve them. Mowing lawns and yard cleanup is a great start to this. You can add (trash removal, debris cleanup, pruning, etc.) projects as you gain ground with this area in future years. This is a large volunteer base that is needed. Or, just have a block party and feed everyone hotdogs and hamburgers and love on your local families. Bounce houses are a HUGE hit for the kids. This is definitely one of the most intimate relationships you can build in your city as you are with someone at their home.

Ice Cream Giveaway

Purchase a certain amount of ice cream sandwiches and distribute these to businesses, homes, friends, families, neighborhoods, schools, baseballs fields, parks, etc., canvasing your entire city in an afternoon. Large volunteer base to make this happen as you are limited on your time frame due to the nature of this being ice cream. This does not fulfill a heartfelt need, but is extremely rewarding in creating new relationships with people. HUGE impact.

Feed Your Civil Servants (Police/Fire/EMT etc)

Cook food for your local police and firefighters and take the food to them in their stations. You could go as simple as buying and having delivered to their establishments, or do it yourself. Very low cost. Very few volunteers needed. Large IMPACT.